Happy 2014?? Need Advice on Resolutions!

Hej WW,

Happy New Year!! I have a resolution of losing 15 pounds this year.  I have tried this resolution for three years now, and failed each time.  My intentions are good most of the time, my willpower is not good when I see a piece of chocolate cake on the dessert tray at my favorite restaurant!!

I want this year to be different for me, a thinner and happier new woman. I am a healthy woman who ate too much over the holiday season. I do not have any health concerns at this time, so I can proceed with my brand new lifestyle as a thin woman.

Please help me where I am doing wrong. I need a rock solid plan to succeed this year! Blessings to you, WW.

Determined in Denver in 2014

Dear Determined,

Congratulations to you for setting a healthy goal for 2014.  I do not use the word “resolution” because it is a very restrictive word that sets up failure.  I have a few tips that you can use to achieve your new healthy goal throughout the year.

1. Write down a specific goal with a time frame.  You want to lose 15 pounds this year, this is a little vague and can cause a lapse in achieving your goal.  You would write down a goal like “I will lose 15 pounds by April 1st, 2014.”  You can change the time if you need more time to work on your goal. Word to the Wise: Please talk to your doctor about a safe weight loss program that works for you as soon as possible.

This goal can be changed as many times to fit your dreams. This is an achievable goal that can be met in a reasonable amount of time. Write it down and put the goal in an area where you can see this every day.

2. Make short term goals, such as losing two pounds a week.  That is the healthiest weight loss for most individuals.  It is also a easy start on your goal.  Once you reach the first 2 pounds loss, set another short term goal for another 2 to 3 pounds for the next week.  Put this in writing and place it in either in the kitchen or the bathroom where you will see it every day.

3. Make small changes in your diet.  This is an very important step in losing weight.  Most people who start out on this goal cut out ALL the bad food and “resolve” never to eat them again.  That is a sure fire set up for failure and not a great way to start a new habit.

Begin with making small changes in your diet, such as cutting down on sodas to one soda a day, switching butter for Extra Virgin Olive Oil (EVOO) in cooking your dishes, and eating nuts and fruits as a healthy snack instead of that big slice of chocolate cake.  You get the idea, you can get creative to add healthy food favorites and eliminating the unhealthy food from your diet.  You will feel a different in a few weeks.

You can increase your exercise by walking more, taking the stairs instead of the elevator, or getting a walking partner to take a longer walks as a start.  You can research other exercise possibilities, such as yoga, swimming, or taking Zumba classes.

4.  Forgive and move on if you make a mistake or slip up on your weight loss goal.  If you are tempted by that dessert tray and had eaten a slice of cake, do not be hard on yourself, this is a new life style change.  It takes about three to six weeks for a new habit to develop for us.  The main thing is, do not give up on this because of one or several mistake(s).  Learn and laugh about the mistake, and get back on track.  Keep in mind this is a brand new experience and it does take time to achieve this goal.  Go easy on yourself during this time!!

5. Find friends and family who will support you during the times that you feel overwhelmed and want to quit the goal.   This is another important step to keep in mind especially when times gets tough in losing weight.  Having a supportive friend who will be there and listen to you when you want to go back to that cake is a valuable gift. Keep their contact information nearby so you can talk to them when you needed a loving supportive friend.

Once you reached your goal, CELEBRATE!!  That can be a reward of your own choosing such as buying a new outfit or going to a movie.   Determined in Denver, do keep in touch with me and let me know about your progress. Have a wonderful New Year!

Take care,

Weird Wisdom

!!GREAT NEWS… Weird Wisdom is going to be a weekly advice column in 2014! Thanks to my loyal readers for your support for the Wondrous World of Weird Wisdom!


Author: weirdwisdom4444

I am on a path of self discovery this year as a confused woman trying to figure out what to do with my life's passions. This blog is a place to share ideas and goals to live our best lives. Sorry, Dr. Martha Beck, for using your phrase, you are right on point as always. If you have ideas or questions, please email me at weirdwisdom4444@gmail.com Live Weird, you will have more fun that way. Love always, WeirdWisdom

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